Capri’s Blue Grotto

Now for the ‘should I or should I not pay the extra 14 euros to go inside the Blue Grotto’ debate.

The Blue Grotto is typically Italian and therefore, it is terribly organised. It makes no sense even though many different strategies could be put in place to organize it better. We waited for an hour bobbing around on the big boat with our Captain getting into fights with many of the local Italians in the rowing boats. That added some entertainment to the wait and my travel buddy and I made it into a bit of a game.


As I know many of you will be concerned, I did not throw up… but I did get into trouble from a very grumpy Dutch woman who didn’t like me putting on suncream…she didn’t last long on the boat and demanded to be removed with her family. It was very hot on the boat and it was rocking a lot, so I think if you suffered from real sea sickness rather than my fake fear, this may have been a risk.


Getting into the rowing boat was horrendous. I really want to know how many people have fallen in because I genuinely think it was a miracle that I got in and out the boat dry. I also made a massive scene with my panicked sound effects, so I did get special assistance. The rowing boats aren’t comfortable but you aren’t in them for long. There is also the fun risk factor of falling in the water during the wavy times.

Our rowing boat captain was a complete mental case. We joked about how inappropriate he was being, grabbing us in for hugs, kisses and a fair amount of inappropriate touching but it actually made us quite uncomfortable. The additional whispers about an ‘extra tip for me’ were also not subtle. I wanted to give him the advice to tone down the creepiness and the tip might have been more likely.


Inside the Blue Grotto is pretty cool. You have to lie down to get inside it because the entrance is super low and narrow, that is why you have to use the rowing boats to get in. The water is amazing to see and I think it could have been quite a magical experience with someone different. Apparently it is illegal to swim there but the boat captains still encourage you to do it. I did not as 1. I didn’t trust that I would be able to get back in the boat without capsizing and 2. I didn’t want our captain to see any more than he really had to .  The water did look beautiful though and the people who were braver than me and did get in, kept commenting on how refreshing it was.


Would I do the Blue Lagoon again?



Would I advise people to do the Blue Lagoon?

I don’t know. I have been in similar caves in Malta and had a much more pleasant experience so if the person had done that before, I don’t think the 14euro (plus heavily hinted tip) is completely necessary.


Lots of love,
Lexie xxx

P.S. This is the blog that helped us decide whether we wanted to Blue Lagoon or not.

Earth Trekkers

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