Travel Tidbits

Hello Italian Adventurers,

Travelling is good for the soul, the heart and the brain… but for me, it has definitely not been kind to an already risky waist-line. For me, visiting a new place is all about finding out as much about your new location, whilst sampling as much local food and drink as possible.

When I travel, I don’t do it on a super tight budget… nor do I spend huge amounts of money. I would do the latter if I could but a teacher’s salary does not allow for this. I have never stayed in a hostel and I know that I am missing out on a social part of travelling because of this but I have really weird sleeping habits and I don’t think poor members of the public need to fall victim to my sleep talking and wandering.

My little travel book…

I have an annoyingly short attention span, but I really enjoy learning. I find it tricky to retain information (unless the information comes in the form of terrible pop lyrics and then I could sing you most back catalogues…) so I would always go to a cultural spot and do an audio tour. But 2 hours later, the information is gone from my mind. Disney’s movie ‘Inside Out’ terrified me, because I can only imagine how big my forgotten information cavern is. I am super knowledgeable for about 5 minutes and then it’s like …. uhhhhh did we even go there….

So now when I go on holiday, I create my own little guide book of research. I spend hours before I go somewhere finding out bitesize pieces of information and then I carry around my little guidebook with me, looking like the super cool person that I am. If I find out new fun facts, I add them to my guidebook and then I pass them on to my friends if they are visiting the same place. Lots of my friends have said this has been super helpful so I decided to add this aspect to my blog. I feel like I want to go back to lots of the places I visited to try and understand the culture and history even more than I did when I was there.

None of the information is new. None of this information is overly difficult to find. I Google the location, I read through lots of blogs and pages to gather the information (which I will cite along with mine) and then I put the Travel Tid-bits into my own words… as much as I can… and into bitesize pieces.

Hopefully we will all be learning something new that is going to stick with us!

Love, Lexie xxx

P.S. I have a complete obsession with writing in notepads, but I rarely have a pen.

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